Vacation in Rwanda? Yes! What to Know and Do

Don’t overlook Kigali and Rwanda as vacation destinations because of your perceptions of Africa or the region. You will find a people and country not only welcoming of the world but also eager to explain both their history and their future.

Gluten-free, Grain-free, Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake!

By Jeff Parsons I have posted before about my first attempt at a gluten-free, sugar free, grain-free chocolate cake. It’s actually one of my favorite chocolate cakes of all time. At a recent party, guests were surprised how moist the cake was. We continue to use this cake for dessert as part of a ramen-making class…

Celebrating a Birthday with a Ramen Noodle Party!

In traditional Asian culture, a birthday celebration often includes a great bowl of noodles. The long strands of unbroken noodles symbolize long life. Recently, we were honored to host Niki’s birthday at her beautiful home in Oakland with our  “Story of Ramen” event. Her spouse Dani organized this event as a surprise birthday for her….

How to Eat Ramen Noodles And Other Interesting Ramen Facts

First, before we talk about how to eat your ramen, let’s dive into a little history. With its roots as a Chinese noodle dish, ramen spread to Japan and integrated with the local food-culture. In 1859 Japan opened its ports to the world, bringing in linguistic interpreters from China and Western countries. Foreign settlements were…

Mission District Mural Tour – Something Fun to do in San Francisco

If you’re looking for something fun and outdoors in San Francisco, check out the Mission District’s murals. Be assured, if you don’t like social commentary, this tour is not for you especially not in this city. But, if you love feeling the vibrancy of a community and its people, no matter your social opinions, this…