IMG_1761Over the last 5 years, one or both of us has traveled the globe… tasting food from around the world. A vacation is not a vacation without a food plan!  What we’ve found is eat healthy and eat local. Who says you have to eat out to have a great and memorable meal? Cooking at home can be fun and exciting… if you try something different often! Avoid the boring. Kick the habits. Explore new foods. Focus on great tastes and fresh ingredients. Carve out time to explore great food without the guilt in your kitchen every week. Good food doesn’t have to be fattening either. Eating healthy, all-natural meals can add an adventure to cooking every day and improve your overall health.


ABOUT JEFF PARSONS –  Desserts can be deadly for your waistline (and yes, harmful to your health). But, the best dessert experiences come in moderation — tastings and samplings that explode with flavor. You’re not left wanting more and more. You’re left savoring that taste of sampling a great dessert. While gluten-free is a “trend”, I do believe some of the best desserts I’ve made lately have been gluten-free. I like to sat  “attempt” dessert creations as a hobby. I also enjoy writing about/photographing great experiences from around the world – no just food. It could be an “adventure vacation” or just an ideal location for some rest and relaxation.

member_245056965SAVORY DISHES

ABOUT MANVILLE CHAN – I think most people these days have lost their connections with food. Most people eat only if they have to or want to. They don’t understand  how the origins of ingredients and what’s seasonal can actually make for a much better meal. They don’t understand the food’s impact of their bodies until it’s too late. I’m hoping that people who Eatwith me or take a tip from a recipe will be inspired for something better.


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