5 Essential Gadgets for Making Ramen Noodles at Home

Making ramen noodles from scratch is easier than you think with just a few tools and gadgets. You’ll use them over and over to make your favorite ramen!  We want to introduce you to some popular tools that will make your cooking experience easier and enjoyable. For recipes outlining how to utilize these tools, you can visit our site at THESTORYOFRAMEN.COM/RECIPE  or come to one of our ramen making class via www.thestoryoframen.com/book-now

  1. unnamed-2REFRACTOMETER  (BUY IT!)

How long do you boil the broth? There’s no simple answer because it’s not about the time but more about the broth itself. When you’re making a thick pork bone broth (Tonkotsu), it is not easy to go by the number of hours of boiling. Many factors affect the cooking time, including boiling temperature, amount of bones and the types of bones. To make sure your broth is done to perfection consistently, use a refractometer which precisely measures the thickness of your Tonkotsu. This tool is used in most ramen shops in Japan. Here is how it works – you put a sample of broth after cooking for a few hours into the refractometer. Then you look through the lens. It will give you a number. For Yokohama style Tonkotsu, the thickness number is typically 4 or 5.   ORDER IT EASILY HERE. 

  1. unnamed-1EGG PIERCER (BUY IT!)

When you make soft boiled eggs, you would want to pierce a hole on the bottom of the egg to let the air out and prevent the eggs from cracking while boiling. The ten-dollar tool comes very handy to help you more easily pierce a hole on your eggs. Just gently punch the piercer down towards the bottom of an egg. ORDER IT EASILY HERE


A noodle knife and noodle cutting board help you to precisely cut your ramen noodles if you want to hand cut your noodles. The cutting board helps you  guide the noodle dough whereas the knife allows you to cut straight down. The guide also helps you protect your fingers/hand in this precise cutting exercise. You can even use it for udon noodles and soba noodles.   ORDER THE KNIFE EASILY HERE and order the CUTTING BOARD EASILY HERE.


Individual noodle strainers help you control ramen cooking time and make sure the individual proportion is cooked properly. When you put the noodles into a pot of boiling water you want to stir the noodles with a chopstick or tong while cooking to prevent them from sticking to each other. After it is done, simply pull the strainer from the boiling water and shake the strainer to get the excess water out. Then, you can release the noodles into a hot bowl of ramen broth by gently shaking the strainer left and right over a bowl of broth. ORDER IT EASILY HERE

  1. 20622162_1258599967600337_503669578784375645_nKITCHENAID PASTA ROLLER (BUY IT!)

A Kitchenaid pasta roller helps you roll the noodles thin more easily. With a pasta roller you can make fresh noodles in less than 10 minutes. The spaghetti cutter works nicely to cut the noodles into ramen noodles. ORDER IT EASILY HERE


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