Celebrating a Birthday with a Ramen Noodle Party!

In traditional Asian culture, a birthday celebration often includes a great bowl of noodles. The long strands of unbroken noodles symbolize long life.

unnamed-4Recently, we were honored to host Niki’s birthday at her beautiful home in Oakland with our  “Story of Ramen” event. Her spouse Dani organized this event as a surprise birthday for her. She’d just came back from Japan and she loved ramen. Dani told us that after Niki returned from Japan she swore she would never eat noodles again except in Japan!

Prior to the event, we were trying to figure out a venue to accommodate their 18 guests. We tried to book a few venues but without any luck. Finally, Dani and I decided that it would be better to host it at Niki’s own home.

To plan the event, we came to Dani and Niki’s place a few weeks prior to check out the kitchen and dining area. For 18-20 people, Dani was able to place a long dining table in the backyard, which makes the birthday evening extra special and intimate under the stars!

LEARN TO MAKE RAMEN FROM SCRATCH. Book a private class now. Also great for company team-building, birthday parties, bachelorette parties or just a get-together with friends.

unnamed-5We prepared for a few vegetarian and gluten free guests. Our regular appetizer is a pork based pot sticker. To accommodate special dietary preference, we decided to offer three types of appetizers — Japanese cucumber salad, garlic, spinach and shiitake pot stickers and regular pork pot stickers.

Due to the large group size, Dani preferred the event not include our regular hands-on noodle making portion. However, we decided to still make fresh noodles from scratch at her house right before the event after the guests arrived. So, we took along our equipment and our 7.5 cups flour noodle doughs. We rolled the 10 noodle sheets one by one while the guests had appetizers (and watched the process if they wanted). Many guests were entertained and took photos of the process.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the noodle making process.

To add an extra touch to the event, we wrote “Happy Birthday Niki” on the two homemade paleo chocolate cakes.

Noodles and dessert served under the stars with close friends. What better way to celebrate a special birthday surprise!

We could not have pulled this event off without the help of a good friend, Brian, who is the best at “front of the house” service!



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