Black Cat – A Fashionable Supper Club Worth Visiting in San Francisco’s Tenderloin




One of the first things you notice about the Black Cat is its black facade on the corner of Eddy and Leavenworth streets in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. It stands out from much of the rest of the nearby streets filled with gated entrances and graffiti. You immediately get a sense that this may be part of a “new” Tenderloin.

The host greets you as you walk in the front door. Reservations – no problem. Walk-ins – I’ve never had a problem either. You have plenty of options. The bar is center to the space upstairs. There’s a communal dining table. Plus, there bench and table seating for about 15  along the front of the bar. Downstairs is another great option for LIVE jazz and a second bar.
The downstairs revue is very appealing. Great jazz. Great artists. You’ll pay a cover charge to get downstairs if you don’t already have reservations. It’s well worth the $10 cover for the experience. It does get a little loud thought. But, that’s jazz! If you just want to enjoy the music but stil be able to carry on a conversation, you can hear the same bands playing while you eat and drink upstairs.
EasterSF gives you insight into the design of Black Cat. “The space is two-levels, combining former Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, with high ceilings, exposed brick, and lots of dark corners and hidden nooks (as a supper club should). It was designed by Craige Walters (Blackbird, Hecho), who draped the entire place in antique velvet, leather and gold.”
You can learn more about Black Cat’s opening less than a year ago here.



FOOD – GOOD. There’s a mix of shareable bites and healthy portions of some main courses. I’ve had everything from salads to steak and seafood. It’s all good.

COCKTAILS –GOOD. Specialty cocktails and wine are plentiful. Moderate to medium prices.

LOCATION – In the heart of Tenderloin. The area has a reputation for a lot of homelessness. If you’re a tourist and want to avoid this, simply grab an Uber or cab. They’ll drop you at the door. Pick-up is just an easy. Once you get inside, you’ll quickly not think about the transitional neighbourhood just out the window.

PATIO – (There is not one.)

SERVICE – Very good. We’ve ben three times over the last six week. Our server remembered our previous visits. It felt like coming back to a place we’ve been many times.

Yelpers give this place a 3.5 rating. I’d bump that up to a 4.0 mainly for the ambiance, uniqueness in the Tenderloin and the service I have received.

By Jeff Parsons – Food blogger, photographer, and editorial content manager.

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