CAKE DISASTER? It Doesn’t Have to Be.

Three Simple Ways to “Repair” a Cracked Cake When You Don’t Have Time to Re-Make It

3ad2d60e-6b03-4103-b0df-89542ee24e26The pros will hate these suggestions. Some may say “Trash it and start over!” But, c’mon! There’s no need to waste a perfectly good cake because of a crack on top. This is a lemon honey olive oil cake. We used organic lemons, Texas honey, Kalamata and extra virgin olive oil. Great flavors!
The cake was for a small birthday party we were hosting tonight. It’s never fun with a cake cracks…but it happens and it happens a lot! It can crack because of temperature issues like moving it too fast from the over to a cooler kitchen. It can crack because the ingredient mixture was off. It can crack because of the oven. There are many reasons.
But, how do you fix it when you have just 30 minutes before guests arrive? Here are three simple tips when I got an emergency text, “What do I do?”
  • Let the cake cool completely. Then, with the edges of a few fingers on both hands, gently (notice I said “gently”) push the cracks down and toward each other. You could also lay a very light cloth (like a cheese cloth) over it before you do this. You’re not flattening the cake. You’re not pushing the cracks entirely together. Instead, you’re only filling the gap partial. In this case, you’re actually pushing the cracks back into the proper place on top of the case. There’s enough flexibility in this type of cake to gently correct a bit.
  • This case has no icing. So you can’t just cover it. We didn’t want to add icing to it either. So, after gently pushing the cracks together, I suggested a generous dusting of bakers sugar (powdered sugar) right before the guests see your cake. The sugar will help the eye away from any remaining cracks.
  • Finally, since it’s a birthday cake, strategically place the candles! If you notice the crack location on this cake, a few candles can create a strategic arc. The candles to create the arc go into the small remaining crack. If guests notice it, they will only think there are ripples from where the candles entered the cake!
In the end, they’ll never know you had a “what do I do” moment right before they arrived!


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