Limoncello Gelato with Warm Almond Biscuits

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Posted by Jeff Parsons

It was an interesting path to this dessert. Limoncello is a favorite digestive around this household after a visit to Italy last year. So, I wanted to incorporate that into an ice creme or gelato. Given that alcohol is tough for ice creme (it doesn’t “freeze” well), I decided to make an gelato. This post isn’t really about the gelato. You can find a lot of posts on the web about how to make limoncello gelato like this one.. My biggest tip that is NOT found in most online recipes is to strain the mixture 2-3 times through the finest strainer you have right before cooling/chilling. It will make the gelato (and ice creme) much more smooth.

The almond biscuit was the real challenge here. It started Friday night. I was trying to make an almond caramel. But that didn’t work as I had wanted. So, Saturday morning I decided to melt the sugar and freshly chopped almonds again to make an almond biscuit. Well, there was too much sugar and I ended up putting too much flour into that mixture to make a real cookie. With too much flour and a lot of sugar/almonds, I decided to switch it up to an almond biscuit. “Chopped” is one of my favorite shows. We learn from that show to transform the ingredients. So, I took this as a challenge…transform the mess of a caramel and then the mess of an almond cookie that I had made.

In the end, it was great. I would suggest warming the biscuit for 10 seconds in the microwave right before you serve it with the gelato. If the biscuit is right on track, it’s a soft center with a slightly hard shell. The cool gelato


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